Industry Organizations may register with us as Skill Knowledge Providers

The company shall need to sign an agreement with TISS to become a skill Knowledge provider (SKP) as per the AICTE guidelines. The SKP shall then appoint/nominate some of its existing staff/supervisor (to be approved by TISS) as the vocational trainers. Such practical training at the SKP location (office/project site/factory etc.) needs to be conducted as per learning outcomes laid down for specific courses. The assigned vocational trainers shall award marks/credits to students which shall then be incorporated into the university certificate (Diploma/Degree).

Benefits of becoming a Skill Knowledge provider:- 

• Enroll existing employees into the B.Voc program to give them opportunity for upward mobility.
• Experience reduced levels of attrition as employees complete their graduation over three years.
• Employer can provide internship opportunity to students of TISS to beef up existing workforce.
• All students would be university students and there would be no employer-employee relationship between student and SKP.
• SKP can also offer internship opportunities during peak season (festive season for retail industry and Jan/Feb/Mar for insurance industry).
• Contractual work force can also be enrolled in these courses.
• Sponsorship of fees of students can be treated as CSR expense.
• Unlike the apprentice act there is no restriction on number of trainees.
• Unlike the apprentice act this is also applicable to the service industry.

If you wish to become a Skill Knowledge Provider of TISS or require further information, kindly apply through the form and we shall connect with you.

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